Hackathon: Augmenting The Human Experience




Hackathon: Augmenting the Human Experience

24 May 2018


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A hackthon for those who love to build!
With rapid improvements in open source projects and papers around natural language processing, computer vision - and more generally - machine learning, disruptive software is in the hands of the masses. Now it’s time to use it for good. Our first theme:
Augmenting and improving the human experience. From improving the lives of those with impaired vision, hearing, memory and movement to expanding the forefront of what the human body is capable of achieving.
Come and join other passionate developer, engineers, computer scientists and designers for a weekend of building and learning, as we try to develop tech to augment and improve the human experience, enhancing the body and mind.
The Gallery - Tileyard Studios (Near Kings Cross)
About Us
Our team is made up of 2 engineers and CTO's of social tech companies from an impact accelerator called ZincVC. We love to build great products, and love to share our passion and energy with like minded individuals.
We are building for greater good. All IP and code from the hackathon will be open source on the hackathon repo.
Entrance and Prizes
It's free! Apply through the eventbrite and we will send you an email once we select the individuals who are invited. We pick based on passion mainly but you will need some experience coding and any ML experience is even better!
There won't be any cash prizes, but teams will get great exposure, and learn new libraries and tech from our amazing mentors.
Some confirmed names:
Rodrigo Mendoza Smith: Previously an ML expert from Oxford University. Find him on twitter @rodrigoms
Quinn Koike: Research interests in conversation analysis, conversation repair and machine learning techniques for language models. He is the co-founder and CTO of Leika, previous founder of EthicalBox and a lover of open source.
Marti Markov: CTO in Residence at Founders Factory
Friday 25th of May
6:00pm - Welcome Drinks and Introductory Talk
6:20pm - Technical talks (Computer Vision, NLP, AI)
7:00pm - Current Solutions in Accessibility
8:00pm - Break to think and talk about possible hackthon projects & build teams
Saturday 26th March
9:00am - Start
10:00pm - Finish
Sunday 27th March
9:00am - Start
5:00pm - Demos/Pitches to Panel