Hackathon: Building Conversational AI For Messenger




Hackathon: Building Conversational AI for Messenger

7 December 2019


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What if someone offered you the chance to learn and build something using the latest chatbot and Artificial Intelligence technologies alongside the best and brightest for free?

It’s true! Facebook Developer Circles London is proud to announce our very first Hackathon on the 7-8th December, and we would like to invite you to join us. The Hackathon will take place at the Facebook HQ in London where you will be able to brainstorm, create and hack alongside experts from Facebook!

* What is in it for me? *
Whether you want to learn about the latest industry standards tools, finally build something towards that idea you’ve been postponing for so long, or if you just want to show off, it doesn’t get better than this.

Our main goal is to give you all the support you need to be able to create and deploy an AI powered chatbot on top of Facebook Messenger, a platform that as of September 2017 had more than 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide and PyTorch, an open source Machine Learning framework and Tensorflow's main competitor.

If you’re not familiar with either Messenger Chatbots or PyTorch, fear not! We’ll make sure to prepare you by sending relevant training materials ahead of time and we will provide workshops and guidance throughout the event.

* Prizes *
There is even more! We have some very cool prizes lined up for the winning team members. We'll be announcing the prizes at the beginning of December so keep an eye on the event page for updates.

* Agenda *

DAY ONE: 9-10 AM - Door Opens & Breakfast - Find a comfy spot and settle in!

DAY ONE: 10-11:30 AM - Workshops - Learn about what is possible with PyTorch & Messenger Platform

DAY ONE: 11:30-10:00 PM - Hack Hack Hack - Work with your teammates and mentors on your idea

DAY TWO: 9-6 PM - Hack Hack Hack - Continue working with your teammates and mentors on your idea

DAY TWO: 6-7 PM - Presentations - Present your idea to a panel of judges!

DAY TWO: 7- 7:30 PM - Winner Announcement - Hold on tight to hear who the winner is!

DAY TWO: 8PM - End - Thank you for participating and see you at our next event in January!

*About Facebook Developer Circles*

We are a London based learning community for developers, by developers. It will be a space to connect and bond with each other over technology, and to catalyse our learning through the sharing of ideas.

We are not limited to any specific technology or vendor/company. Together, we will explore technologies such as React/React Native, Spark AR, Graph QL, Messenger and many more. We aim to explore the latest trends within Machine Learning, AR and VR - but this is a community, so please do let us know what you would find useful, and we will endeavour to deliver!

This event will only be relevant to both developers and people in tech.