11 April 2018


Added 13-Feb-2023

Following the success of our previous Hackathons we are having another on Thursday 12th April. This will bring together staff from across King's to work on a series of projects to allow us to better understand and visualise our data.

This is great opportunity to improve your skills with Power BI and meet other staff from across King’s.

Feedback from previous Hackathons

  • 92% rated the events as “excellent” or “very good”
  • 65% of attendees rated their knowledge of Power BI before the event as “None” or “Low”
  • 94% of attendees increased their knowledge of Power BI as a result of their attendance

“The opportunity to meet and work with people from all corners of King's. It's always great to be able to co-operate with departments you do not normally engage with. Also, I liked the fact that it wasn't a frontal lecture, but more an interactive and practical workshop. Personally, I took back quite a lot that I didn't know about Power BI.”

“It was a great way to learn. Much better than being lectured at, it allowed me to meet & network with colleagues I wouldn't normally come across, and enabled us to use real data and build dashboards that we'll actually use.”

The event will take place at theWallacespace in Spitalfields and will include breakfast, lunch and drinks afterwards. The Hackathon will start at 9.30am but feel free to join us from 8.30 for breakfast and to meet otherparticipants.