HackNight # 41 - Amazon HQ2




HackNight # 41 - Amazon HQ2

4 December 2018

New York

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For our last hacknight for 2018, we will talk about the biggest elephant in the room (NYC): Amazon HQ2. Tech workers will undoubtedly benefit by the presence of one of tech industry’s biggest companies, owned by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. The Amazon HQ2 also includes a $3,000,000,000 tax-incentive—an amount not given to any other tech company in New York.

There are so many layers to this discussion: from Amazon’s role in supporting ICE, to bad working conditions that have caused strikes across Europe, and how their move here will hike up rent prices in New York and add further pressure to our already crumbling transit system. Ultimately, this is equally a reflection of Amazon’s role in today’s society as ours, the tech workers. How is our industry affecting society, and how should we hold our industry accountable? We ought to have an honest discussion about the role we play and what positive impact we can create.

We will be joined by organizers and activists who are all leading a coalition of organizations (of which Progressive HackNight is proudly a part) who are fighting back and saying “No Amazon, no way”. We will learn about the side that has been ignored throughout the Amazon HQ2 process: the people's.