#HacktheHub 2018




#HacktheHub 2018

24 - 25 March 2018


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We’re inviting the UK & Ireland’s best developers, designers and entrepreneurs to tackle a number of business challenges using Machine Learning and AI.

Are you into Deep Learning, Chatbots, Machine Learning, AI or neural networks?

Of course you are. We only have a limited number of tickets so if you are keen to find out why #HackTheHub is an experience like no other, and want to join fellow AI enthusiasts to hack across 2 days, then apply for your ticket today.

We review every application to #HackTheHub. When you apply, we check the online profiles you submitted, and then send you and/or your team an invite to our Hacker Tools so we can ensure teams are matched fairly with each skillset and have a direct line of communication where we can communicate with you on lead up to the event.

Remember: The more informative the online profile you send us, the easier and quicker it is match you with the most suitable team mates. We’re looking for relevant career experience, studies, portfolios, online CVs, informative LinkedIn portfolios etc..