Halloween UX Lean Beer And Pizza




Halloween UX Lean Beer and Pizza

29 October 2018


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Anyone with an interest in user experience is welcome to come along and please feel free to drop in for some or all of it. There'll be lots of learning fuelled by beers and pizzas with added Halloween treats this time!


We'll start with a talk from from prolific sketchnoter, comic book author and UX designer: Chris Spalton.

"You're going to die and no-one is going to give a ****" - Chris Spalton
"I'm a firm believer that the world is a more interesting place with more ideas out in it, our ideas allow us to connect, share our knowledge and further both ourselves and our communities. We all have ideas all the time, but only some of us act on them, the rest of us are nervous or self conscious and feel vulnerable about putting themselves out there, these ideas are then lost forever.

If you've ever thought 'I wish I could do that, or make this, or talk about that' but for some reason haven't taken the plunge, then I'll be sharing some important lessons I've learned about embracing the learning process, working out loud, connecting with people as a result and sharing ideas.

I'll be covering sketching, UX, creativity and comic books, and how I've approached both personal and professional projects, and hopefully you'll be able to take away a snippet to give you the confidence to put your ideas out there. I guarantee the world will be a better place if you do."

Lean Beer and Pizza
Using the Lean Coffee Model (http://leancoffee.org/), we'll pick UX topics as a group and put some discussion points forward and catch up about topics in smaller groups. If we're really interested in a topic, we'll continue talking about it. If we've come to the end of a topic, we'll move on to the next one.

7:30 pm – Finish