Hashicorp Meetup #27




Hashicorp Meetup #27

1 October 2019


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6.30pm - Arrive - Drinks, Pizza and socialising (THANK YOU 10X!!!)

7pm - Talk 1 - Matt Revell @ OpenCredo - Op Ed: Misadventures in Terraform

A tour of some of the sticky situations I found myself in during my journey with Terraform; some poor design decisions, unforeseen consequences, and how they were mitigated.

7.30pm - Talk 2 - Daniel Bryant - Datawire and Nic Jackson @ Hashicorp - Securing Cloud Native Communication, From End-User to Service

Everyone building or operating cloud native applications must understand the fundamentals of security and modern threat models. Although this topic is vast, in this talk Daniel and Nic will focus on securing end-to-end (user-to-service) communication, and also explore how the combination of an edge proxy and service mesh using TLS and mTLS can be used to mitigate many person-in-the-middle attacks.

8.15pm - Remaining beer, pizza and off to the PUB!