HashiCorp Meetup #29 - Let's Finish 2019!!




HashiCorp Meetup #29 - Let's Finish 2019!!

3 December 2019


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The end of 2019 is fast approaching and for our final meetup of the year, I would like to invite everyone to our December event that is being hosted by Sainsbury's head office in Holburn.


18:30 - Arrive - Food, Drinks and socialising (Thank You Sainsbury's)

19:00 - Talk 1 - Terraform at Sainsbury's Property Tech
Mohammed Hoche - Associate Software Engineer @ Sainsbury's

A novice user of Terraform who will be sharing his experience, this talk will be divided into two sections. The first section of the talk will cover when I first got exposed to Terraform and the challenges I faced when learning. The second section of the talk will include how Sainsbury's property tech use terraforms and the challenges they have faced.

19:30 - Talk 2 - The Bastion Server That Isn’t There, Deploying SSH Bastion as a stateless service on AWS with Docker and Terraform
Joshua Kite - Senior SRE @ Credit Karma

The mantras of software as a service, stateless, cattle vs. pets, etc, are often and loudly repeated, but in many environments, you often don’t have to look too far before you find some big fat pet box sprawling somewhere. Maybe it is the in-house file server, maybe something else, but if your infrastructure is in the cloud then it is most likely going to be your Bastion server (or ‘jump box’). Here I look at the problem, look at a couple of options and then present a solution that I implemented providing Bastion ssh as a stateless service on AWS and is published on the Terraform Modules Registry. We will also cover briefly how to find and use public modules in your terraform code to avoid reinventing the wheel and increase velocity.

20:00 - Talk 3 - A Cloud Nativity story
David Jeche - DevOps Engineer @ O3H Reliability Engineer

HashiCorp tools are unique in their design and implementation. In this talk, we will start by focusing on their value and importance to our industry. We then continue to discuss networking, including the collaboration between these tools to produce reliable and well-managed platforms. Networking policies are a method to enable infrastructure serviceability and resilience and this will be explored through Nomad as the container orchestration mechanism. 6 binaries, 3 clouds and a galaxy of code.

20:30 - Remaining food, drinks and off to the Pub!