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12 August 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Our Help Desk Meetups are going smashingly well. We can accommodate up about 40-50 people and we're full almost every time.

Going forward we will be we will be having Meetups especially designed for those who need help with their web sites. If you are running a WordPress site and are having issues and would like some help, then this Meetup is specifically for you. If you are a WordPress expert, by all means come and help us help out as many people as possible. Please message the admins if you want to be identified as a WordPress expert and are willing to help.

We will have 4-6 WordPress experts on hand to assist you with solving as many of your WordPress problems as possible, on-site and in real-time.

There is free wifi at the space, so all you need to bring is yourself, your laptop and your problems.

Note: There is no formal presentation planned. This Meetup is designed for people who need help and who want to connect to a WordPress expert who can solve their issues or steer them in the right direction to solve the problems they're experiencing with WordPress.

Note: Please only RSVP if you plan to attend. You don't necessarily need to have an issue that needs resolving to be able to attend. We understand that people will pick up tips and tricks by watching how issues are solved even if they don't directly apply to their own WordPress site.

As always, we‘ll order a few pizzas, bring some beers, kick on the fans (A/C being planned) and have a good time. Donations towards pizza, beer and acquiring an A/C unit are encouraged and highly appreciated.

It's OK if you want to attend but only want to observe. We recognize this is how people learn. Given our time limit of two hours, we may not be able to solve all of everyone's issues. We will try, though. If you are seeking help, please come prepared! Please have your web site loaded in a browser (there is free wifi at the space), have your WordPress admin ready, along with a short list of issues you are trying to solve.