Hiding In Plain Sight




Hiding in plain sight

12 November 2018


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The November meetup will be a double bill. Part 1 will be a talk by Kelvin McGrath, then we'll have a talk regarding insights from our Oct Hackathon. Details on part 2 to follow.

Hiding in plain sight: Little used individual and org data to improve projects
Inside every workplace there is digital exhaust which can be collected and triangulated with perception, emotion and traditional project data to improve project success. We have been watching Kelvin’s work for some time and he is breaking new ground and bringing some inspired thinking on how to transform how projects could be delivered. We’ve pulled in some favours and Kelvin has kindly agreed to come all the way from Australia to share some fascinating insights and discuss the results and future opportunities of using this approach. Its a rare opportunity to gain access to someone who is thinking very differently to the herd.

About our speaker: Kelvin McGrath:
Kelvin is the founder of Meeting Quality, an Australian based company that measures and maps relationships, perception and emotions and then uses this information to predict organisational outcomes.

Kelvin was the Chief Information Officer of two large listed companies over a 15 year period where he brought about lasting transformational change. He has then taken this experience and created corporate tools to discover organisational reasons to deliver company aspirations.

18:00 start for networking, pizza and drinks. The main event starts at 18:30.

We normally raffle off conference tickets at each event. Please follow us on Twitter here to get a chance of winning: @projectdataana

Please don't forget to sign up to Codenode to gain entry to the building and the free bar. See https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11594-project-data-and-analytics