How Blockchain And Digital Assets Are Evolving And Being Used Day To Day




How Blockchain and Digital Assets are evolving and being used day to day

2 December 2019


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Agenda and details of speakers for Teamblockchain's 2nd December 2019 Meet-Up

17.30 Registration.
18.00.Welcome - Jonny Fry CEO TeamBlockchain Ltd will give an update on some the recent changes in the Blockchain and Digital-Asset sectors.

18.05 Charlie Kerrigan partner CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP, our host for the evening. Charles will give an update on the potential changes in the law in England and Wales, following the recent statement from The High Chancellor regarding Smart Contracts and Digital Assets.

Petr Stransky CEO and Founder of iCEIAB which is the first company utilising the benefits of AI and blockchain to acquire, process claims and litigation turning them into a high-yield asset. The firm already has $10m of the initial claims secured and a pipeline of cooperating law firms. The founding and managing team consist of lawyers, strategic consultants and tech entrepreneurs, with 100+ years of combined experience.
Petr has 20+ yrs. in tech sector, helping to build & grow companies, inc. digital media service company to $20M in revenues and later sale to NASDAQ listed company. Launched several digital payment programs used by 4M+ people.
iCEIBA presentation will be about its innovative platform using tokenisation and blockchain as way to implement its dynamic business model working with illiquid assets (claims, which needs to be litigated to turn to the cash) and with several participating groups – businesses, lawyers, lenders as part of the operation. The presentation will give more insights on how iCEIBA is using tokenisation and blockchain to achieve its goals.

Bob Booth Vice President - Cognitive Process Re-engineering Lead, Europe at IBM. Bob is a believer in User Experience Led technology enabled change and has shaped and delivered global finance and procurement transformation programmes involving multiple technologies (including ERP, Robotic Process Automation, Service Management, MDM, AI & Analytics), transforming operating models (captive, BPO & hybrid Shared Services and retained organisations), and transforming organisations' analytics and data capabilities.
Bob is a Chartered Accountant, and his role is to help clients and colleagues to build a compelling business case and plan for transformation, identifying value from redesigning operating models, from technology enabled change, and from delivering new skills and capabilities.
Bob will be talking about his experience with IBM helping organisations commercialise Blockchain projects.

Richard Ells CEO of Electroneum Richard Ells balances over 28 years of from-the-ground-up experience with a continuing drive for innovation within the spheres of internet technologies and software.
His latest venture is the runaway success cryptocurrency known as Electroneum. Electroneum is a cryptocurrency which raised $42 million
The main goal of Electroneum is to bring simplicity and ease of access to cryptocurrency, allowing mass adoption and the empowerment of a huge new audience of mobile users in the developing world, who, until now, have mostly been unable to use a digital payment method.
Electroneum Ltd has been granted patent pending status on it's innovative technology that allows instant payments in cryptocurrency. With more than 3.4 million registered users around the world, Electroneum has already achieved enormous viral growth since its launch in December 2017.

Hock Law founder of Ethernom, talking about their Biometric credit card size identity and smart wallet capable of storing digital assets

19.10 Q&A session Chaired by Jonny Fry
19.30 to 20.45 Drinks and Networking