How Do We Use Technology To Augment Human Judgement?




How do we use technology to augment human judgement?

8 May 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Dave is an internationally renowned authority on complexity and knowledge management. He has kindly agreed to spend an evening with the London Project Data Analytics Meetup sharing insights into how AI and data science may be able to shape the world of project delivery, particularly projects which have a high degree of complexity.

Can complexity inform the way we do project management? How do we manage risk at heightened levels of complexity? Can we use weak signal detection techniques to give early warning of possible failure or overrun? Dave is taking work from counter terrorism (his DARPA and other work) and applying them to project management using a multi-methods approach. This event will be one of the first expositions of the approach and a chance to get in on the ground floor of new ways of thinking.

It will be a two part session, beginning with an hour long talk on Dave’s perspectives on the challenge, followed by Q&A discussions with selected members of the audience, then opened up to the floor.