How Robust Is The AI Really?




How robust is the AI really?

5 February 2019


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Ben Schonhense from Spike AI will be sharing his learnings from technical and AI due diligence projects for London's VCs, where his team is hired to dig under the covers of deep tech and AI claiming startups to make sure it's not all hot air.

"Is this actually is a big problem?" I hear some of you whisper. Sadly yes, bigger than you might think. A recent prolific example of where DD would have saved investors hundreds of millions include: Theranos, the biotech startup that raised $700m on empty promises. Or Juicero, the $120m investment strong juicer that, turns out, only squeezes juice of a queezypack.

Ben will share insights on how to assess a solid deep tech or AI-claiming startup, and the biggest learnings from work with VCs and corporate venture arms in this field.