How To Advance Your PM Skills




How to Advance Your PM Skills

14 March 2019

New York

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At this event we will focus on advancing your skills in Product Management using Analytics, Design and Engineering. Starting with analytics we will explore how logging works from client applications vs backend systems, and how we ensure our product has informative logging. You will learn how to scale terabytes of data logs into data sets for querying, and what information is useful to track on a daily,weekly or quarterly basis. We will also review advanced quantitative analysis with Jupyter notebooks, python, pandas data framework, and graphing.

Going into design we will discuss how to create stories and information architecture to help direct design stages. Thinking within constraints, we will go over how to help design considering empty states, boundless limits, and varied user behaviour. We will also review wireframing, high fidelity design collaboration, leveraging style guides, reusable components, prototyping methods and qualitative user testing.

We will end the event talking about engineering and do an overview of technology platform stacks. You will learn how to communicate clear technical requirements and lead cross team platform conversations. We will wrap up by going over software development platforms, process, testing and release steps.

Main takeaways:
- Analytics - Learn how impactful data analytics are for products
- Design - How to direct design stages
- Engineering - Overview of technical platform stacks