How To Answer Data Science Questions In The PM Interview




How to Answer Data Science Questions in the PM Interview

6 August 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

With data scientists being one of the most important stakeholders to work with as a technical product manager, it's crucial to know how to address the Data Science questions of the product manager interview, which can seem nearly impossible for those without a tech background.

In this class event, we learn from Instabot Technical Product Manager, Jimmy Ng, on how to best work with data scientists as it relates to Product. He will discuss everything you'll need to know as a Product Manager when working with data, from identifying different types of data/analytics to developing a comprehensive data strategy for your product.


Main Takeaways:

Types of Data and Analytics

Meaningful vs. Vanity Metrics

Data Analytics Strategy

In-Class Exercises

Common Data and Analytics Mistakes

Data-Centric Product Mindset