How To Create Fun User Experience




How to Create Fun User Experience

12 June 2019

New York

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Being a Product Manager requires structured and organized thinking. Frameworks and toolkits are a handy and effective way to approach problems. Product Managers will learn about many and develop their own throughout their product careers.

Main takeaways:
- Understand the value of your product, it’s corresponding emotions, and deliver it as quickly as possible
- Break down each part of your customer journey in order to inject and heighten the value you’re providing
- Utilize qualitative data to discover opportunities for joy that don’t distract from your main value

Meet the Speaker: Andrew Jaico

Andrew Jaico is a Director of Product at Shutterstock in New York. He has previously worked as Product Manager at Warby Parker. Andrew became a Product Manager and found that his wide range of skills was a perfect match for a career in product.