How To Find Your Way In The Automation Framework Jungle




How to find your way in the automation framework jungle

8 May 2019


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The automation framework world currently looks like a jungle, each month a new framework is created and shared on GitHub. They all promise the same, better, faster, smarter, but is this really the case? Have you ever thought about selection criteria for selecting a new automation framework?

During this MeetUp Wim Selles, who is a Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, is going to share what he has seen being used as selection criteria on how to select an automation framework. He will discuss them all, like

- grab and hope
- I used this before
- This is hot
- It’s made by Facebook, it must be good
- I have a screw, I certainly can use this hammer to get it into the wood_
- I trust nobody, let’s build a new one