How To Github




How to Github

4 July 2018


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Talk 1: Dennis McCarthy and Abdul Karim will cover Github basics and include the following (all completed Live in the talk):

- How to start a new project
- Adding and committing your code
- Collaboration with others
- Pull requests
- Testing your code
- forking

Talk 2: David Schmitt, Principal Software Engineer at Puppet

David will provide a short walk-through of how a a change makes its way from his laptop to the forge, the public module repository of puppet. Today we can release a hotfix release in a matter of minutes.
Along the way we'll see all the integrations, checks, and balances that make that possible:

Ticketing with JIRA

CI with Travis and Appveyor

CI/CD with jenkins

Hipchat integration for notification and ChatOps

Changelog autogeneration

Time and interest permitting we can also go into the more advanced github features, which are not in use for modules development:

issue templates: provide guidance for contributors

protected branches and required checks: enforce merge policies

projects and milestones: who needs JIRA anyways?

github pages: free content hosting

David Schmitt, Principal Software Engineer at Puppet, is programming since high school in one way or another. Previously ruby and puppet for the Modules Team, now the Puppet Development Kit, and a new Puppet Resource API.