How To Live In Harmony With Tech




How to Live in Harmony with Tech

9 May 2019


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Why should you come?

- Do you currently carry guilt about how much you use your phone?
- Does it freak you out that you think about something and then presto you're getting ads about it. Who's listening?
- Are you worried about how much your children are using technology and not sure how to create healthy habits?
- And do you feel Social Media is feeding into a hum of social anxiety?

Talk Overview:

Fiona’s talk for London Tech Ladies will be on the topic of Technology Addiction. She will unpack what we’re up against, not just the tech itself, but how it effects our brains and it’s broader social and cultural impact. We’ll be sifting through the scaremongering and then considering the reality of our wellbeing and everyday interactions in the future.

Fiona will also introduce some fun and practical ways to conquer your screen time. As well as introduce you into the concept of wonder walking!
At the heart of this talk will be about how to live well with our increasing reliance on tech.

Fiona’s speaking engagements are delivered in a humorous Ted Talk style of “ideas worth spreading”. They are peppered with stories from her own life and tales from other’s - triggering valuable and interesting insights for
the audience’s empowerment for change.

Key Take-aways:

- In this talk you'll take a way how to control the tech, not it control you.
- Reduce Stress, understand that empty feeling and unpack the creeping anxiety that seems to be increasing around us.
- We'll uncover healthy, gentler ways to live more congruently with technology and to ironically live a less disconnected life - in what is an ever changing, linked up landscape.