How To Make Money From Apps




How to make money from apps

13 February 2019


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We welcome back Lewis Oaten from Razorsecure and Tom Colvin from Apps in the Sky for part four in our front/back end series where they will discuss their experiences and the tools that they have used in the respective businesses. So, come and join the us and be part of the growing tech community here in Basingstoke. All are welcome and we'll have free beer and pizza courtesy of our sponsors: Dominos, Desk Lodge and XL Communications. Here's what our speakers will cover this month:

Go Live! - Monitor & secure an environment

In this talk, Lewis will discuss monitoring a production environment using tools such as Rollbar, Stackdriver, Datadog and other leading SaaS products. He will also discuss some best practices in a production environment

How to make money from apps

In this talk, Tom will discuss reducing an app’s functionality down to a single purpose. Understanding what do you do better than anyone else and why it’s important to be great at one thing rather than mediocre at many. He will also cover these key areas for revenue generation:

* Using subscriptions - getting regular recurring revenue
* What is an MVP? Finding the right MVP
* Single stream of revenue
* App store purchases
* Android Pay