How To Make The Best Container Image For Your Application




How to Make the Best Container Image for your Application

21 October 2019

New York

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We all drank the cloud-native kool-aid and now all our applications are microservices and running in containers. Containers are pretty central to this whole cloud-native thing. But are we building them right? What can we do better?

Containers are a central part of our cloud native application ecosystem. Its the de facto way we package our application. A good container image is key to a fast a secure deployment. While its easy to create a container image, its also very easy to create a bad container image.

In this workshop we will look at ways we can create better container images. We will start with how to write a container images first and then see what are the issues with the image. Then we will continuously improve the image using the best practices suggested by experts until we are left with an image that is small, fast and secure.

We will be using docker to create our containers. But the learning should apply to any other container technology.

Attendees can expect to learn:

- Package your application in containers.
- Improve security of your container security
- Create small container images.