How To Outsource & Remote Hire In Tech: The "Startup Way" - WORKSHOP Francesco P.




How to Outsource & Remote Hire in Tech: the "Startup way" - WORKSHOP Francesco P.

11 December 2019


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Are you a Startup Founder? Or maybe you work in HR for a Tech Company? Perhaps a Tech Lead struggling as you scale?

If so then join Silicon Roundabout at this exclusive workshop on how to use outsourcing or remote team hiring to build the tech you need done.

Whether you are considering to outsource a product or MVP, hire a team out to help you scale, or get a specific neiche feature built, come and learn the DOs and DON'Ts to maximise results and avoid wasting time and money.

What you will learn

- How to decide when is best to outsource or hire remote
- How to prepare to handle projects off and expand your team remote
- The differences between remote team hire, project outsourcing and technical backoffice support
- How to manage your remote workforce
- Understand the cultural differences as well as time zone (Eastern Europe vs South and East Asia vs other options)
- Manage your payroll and structure your milestones
- How to do Due Diligence on a prospective contract provider
- Prso and cons of Freelancers vs IT companies vs Hybrid hubs
- Dos and Donts to ensure a smooth and successful outsourcing/outstaffing that boosts your company's returns (rather than drag them down!)

Own development office vs Outsourcing?

Come and learn how the Silicon Valley is growing its start ups from Ukraine, from People.AI to Snapchat, how business in London experimented with 'cheap and cheerful' India and what other players you should be aware of within this gorwing industry.

This workshop will focus on how tech companies can scale their development capabilities and grow back office operations, aving costs and accelerating growth.

You will hear from outsourcing and outstaffing providers as well as from local businesses who gain massive upsides from doing this the right way.

Tax aspects, visa considerations, best practises, government incentives, cost structures as well as pratical examples will be covered. If you need to grow your tech business this workshop is for you.


2.00 - 2.10 Arrival
2.10 - 2.30 - In house, vs Outsourcing vs 'Out-staffing': what's the right one? - Ron Fridman
2.30 - 2.40 - Q&As and discussion
2.40 - 2.55 - How to grow from 0 to 30+ software developers within 6 months: Ukraine case study
2.55 - 3.00 - Break
3.00 - 3:10 - Soft / Cultural Aspects of working with remote teams - Artem Mazur
3.10 - 3.15 - Q&As
3.15 - 3.35 - Panel Discussion: DOs and DON'Ts of outsourcing / remote hiring (with live case studies)
3:35 - 3:45 - Open Discussion & final Q&A
3:45 - 4:00 - Business Networking and Closing