How To Prioritize And Say No As A PM




How to Prioritize and Say No as a PM

14 August 2019

New York

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In the face of a crowded market and limited resources, it is a Product Manager’s job to prioritize what gets built. But it’s hard to get a feature to the finish line when everyone seems to want shiny new features built. Cassidy will discuss how to ruthlessly prioritize, get your team on board while defending them from requests and insertions, and to lose any fear of saying "No".

This one is for you if:
- You’re a Product Manager at any level of experience
- You work with Product Managers and want to better understand their perspective

Main takeaways:
- How to determine what’s most important and keep your team focused on it
- How to avoid the dreaded "Swoop and Poop" from exec or your board
- How to keep sales focused on selling when all they want is more features