How To Use Machine Learning As A Product Manager




How to Use Machine Learning as a Product Manager

7 August 2018

New York

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Machine learning is everywhere. Neural networks are reading medical images and giving doctors advice. Voice assistants are trying to adapt to our natural speech. Ads, news, music, movies, books, and restaurants suggestions are learning our habits of engagement. In many countries, it’s becoming more common to meet your long-term partner online and through an algorithm than in real life. From consumer to enterprise, machine learning is not just hype - it is already powering the products and services we use every day.

As businesses continue to explore and invest in machine learning, they will need to be smart and conscientious about how they collect and use data to enhance their products or drive a bottom line. As a Product Manager, you may be interested in learning more about machine learning and you may already see opportunities to use it. In this talk, we will give context to key concepts in machine learning and introduce product-driven methods for building and iterating machine learning-based solutions.

Main Takeaways:
- Key concepts in machine learning
- Common business applications of machine learning
- Framework for building a recommendation engine
- Guidelines for building an agile machine learning team