I/O Extended 2019




I/O Extended 2019

27 June 2019


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We are very lucky to have Anton Arhipov, developer advocate at JetBrains, extend his trip to the UK to visit us in Reading!!
He has two great talks lined up: we will look at the not so obvious features of IntelliJ, following up with a talk showing us some of the powers of the Kotlin language.

We will also celebrate the highlights from I/O with a few lightning talks! Google has sent us some I/O swag and we will be serving pizza and drinks. The News quiz will distribute prizes so come prepared!!

18:30 : Food and networking
19:00 : I/O News round up
19:10 - 19:50 : IntelliJ IDEA Tips & Tricks
19:50 - 20:10: I/O highlights lightning talks
20:10 - 21:00 : Kotlin DSL in under an hour
21:00-21:30: Wrapup and socialising

IntelliJ IDEA Tips & Tricks

Modern IDEs are quite complex. Even IDE developers say that they sometimes discover new features only while reading the IDE’s code. And does this sound familiar: your colleague is trying to find a class in the project tree, and he doesn’t remember the name of the class, and so you are trying hard to scream: “Just press Ctrl+Shift+E!!!“ Generally, developers just use IDE and so often do not utilize the power of automated refactorings, shortcuts, fast navigation, and other awesome features that IDEs provide. The audience will learn a lot of tips and tricks, and a lot of different shortcuts will be also covered along with the new features of IntelliJ IDEA.

Kotlin DSL in under an hour

As Kotlin programming language is getting more popular, the creators of the libraries are starting to provide Kotlin API for their frameworks. The number of libraries that provide a nice little DSL grows constantly. The session introduces you to some of those libraries and explains, how Kotlin makes creating the DSL so simple. Lambdas, extension methods, lambdas with the receiver, and other syntactic sugar make it easy to implement DSL in Kotlin. In a live coding demo, we will create a simple DSL for the existing Java classes that could be used from a Kotlin code.