I18n & Integrate Flutter Into Existing Android And IOS Apps




i18n & Integrate Flutter into existing Android and iOS Apps

9 December 2019


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/// Krzysztof Sroka
(Fluently internationalizing Flutter) {Internationalisation is an often overlooked feature in Flutter. And using the API of the default i18n management library - the intl package, which feels like working with a clunky, foreign tool - doesn't help with that. That's why I decided to take a look at something more modern - Mozilla's Project Fluent. I've been working on
implementing the Dart library for Fluent, together with some Flutter-oriented capabilities, and in my talk show you how you can make use of it, including how to run your own translation server.

Krzysztof is a freelance Flutter developer, public speaker and community organiser. In any spare time he's got left, he works on bringing you the biggest Flutter conference around - Flutter Europe.