Improving Code Quality And Measuring Web Performance




Improving code quality and measuring web performance

6 November 2019


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Measuring web performance with user-centric metrics

Speaker: Georgios Bamparopoulos

As web applications evolve and provide more and more features there is a growing need to accurately measure performance as perceived by users. While measuring performance during development can help to build faster applications, load and response times vary from user to user depending on their device and network conditions.

This talk covers the user-centric performance metrics available and the way we can collect and analyse these data on real users’ devices by leveraging Web APIs and data analysis tools.

2. Using Node.js to improve your code quality with TypeScript / CSS linting and PostCSS

Speaker: Bartlomiej Brzezianski

Linting is a tool for static code analysis that reviews the code, finds syntax errors and helps developers write more readable code. JavaScript linting allows you to discover problems with your code without executing it while CSS linting helps you avoid errors and enforce conventions in your styles.

In this meetup we will talk about the benefits of code analysis and the importance of these tools on large teams. We will also demonstrate how you can create you own custom plugins and integrate them to your builds.