Increasing Velocity With GraphQL And PostgreSQL




Increasing Velocity with GraphQL and PostgreSQL

8 May 2019


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Our May meetup. This is a free event, all welcome to join! There will be pizza (including vegetarian option) and tea/coffee.


19:00 Arrival with pizza sponsored by Efficio
19:30 Welcome announcement
19:35 Talk by Benjie Gillam
20:35 Closing notes
20:45 Social at Brewhouse Pompey

Talk: Increasing Velocity with GraphQL and PostgreSQL

GraphQL has exploded in popularity since its public launch in 2015, and PostgreSQL is still going strong after 20 years of development, gaining market share and impressive features at an ever increasing rate. These tools can pair beautifully, in particular because they're both strongly typed and declarative.

In this talk, we'll learn how combining these two technologies through PostGraphile can lead to massively increased software development and delivery speed, faster APIs, fewer bugs, and ultimately enable you to spend less time writing boilerplate and more time delivering business value.


Benjie is a crowd-funded open source developer, working on tools that enable developers to rapidly build maintainable GraphQL– and PostgreSQL–powered servers. He maintains PostGraphile (an instant extensible GraphQL API for Postgres) and related open-source tooling focussing on enhancing development speed, performance and stability.


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