Infrastructure For The Digital Asset Industry




Infrastructure for the Digital Asset industry

3 September 2019


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17.30 Registration.
18.00.Welcome - Jonny Fry CEO TeamBlockchain Ltd will give an update on some developments in the Blockchain and Digital-Asset sectors.
18.05 Cliff Fluet partner Lewis Silkin LLP, our host for the evening.
Our guest speakers:

Henry Burrows runs Alaco Analytics, a specialist due diligence provider for the Digital asset sector. He co-founded the business in 2019 with his current employer Alaco and venture capital firm Katalysen to capitalise on the growing requirements of due diligence of Digital assets. Prior to Alaco Henry spent five years in Mumbai working for an investment bank and another corporate investigations business, where he was primarily engaged on pre-transaction due diligence and litigation support assignments.
Alaco provides bespoke integrity due diligence reporting for the Digital asset space. Through a combination of Blockchain analytics, public record research and human intelligence gathering, the firm identifies and assesses regulatory and reputational risks associated with counter-parties whose activities span the traditional and digital realms. The service is designed to provide exchanges, custodians, institutional investors and fund raisers with the full spectrum of intelligence to allow them to make informed and decisions about their investments and partners.
Henry’s presentation will focus on conducting reputational due diligence in the Digital asset sector. He will explain why clients are asking for due diligence, the processes of robust research – from public records to source enquiries – and how Blockchain analytics can be used to inform and lead on potential risks. Henry will also discuss how due diligence differs from (and ultimately compliments) KYC and AML.

Sean Kiernan is the Founder and CEO of DAG Global Holding and will be presenting on - "Digital Merchant Banking: A potential solution to the funding gap for SMEs.”
Sean joined from Falcon Private Bank, the first bank in the world to offer crypto products to clients, where he served as the COO and Interim CEO of the London operation until leaving to establish DAG Global.
Prior to that he was responsible for the corporate development of Clariden Leu, a division of Credit Suisse, managing bank-wide due-diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions in Switzerland before moving to London to establish a private bank within the group.
Before that he had a number of high-profile international positions, including Managing Consultant for Zurich Financial Services in Zurich and Moscow, corporate planning for Robert Bosch in Germany, and as an analyst in the aerospace sector.
Mr Kiernan has an MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he has been Alumni President, and also a BSc from Georgetown University, Washington DC.
DAG Global Holding Limited (“DAG”, “Digital Asset Group” or “the company”) intends to become the leading global digital merchant bank, as well as the first crypto-friendly bank to hold a full banking license from the financial services regulatory authorities here in the UK.
This will mark the first time a regulated bank in the UK will provide bank accounts and banking services to companies active in the cryptocurrency markets
Dr Stephen Castell of CASTELL Consulting, Management and Financial Consultants in Information and Communications Technology, will talk on ‘Are you ready to battle the Crypto Dragons – the Financial Disputes over Crypto Assets?’. Stephen is an international independent forensic ICT consultant and expert, active as an acclaimed expert witness in high-profile technology disputes, involved in the largest and longest, most complex, software and systems development litigation cases ever to come to court, internationally.

19.10 Q&A session
19.30 to 20.45 Drinks and Networking