Ingestion And Visualization Of Data Using ELK




Ingestion and visualization of data using ELK

13 August 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Dor Juravski will present the methods used to collect, ingest and visualize data using ELK on the August 14 meetup.

Establishing and leading technical and service groups for medium to enterprise companies. Over 18 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in fields of application performance, infrastructure, and data-driven decision making.

Currently Dor is at Turbonomic, a virtualization decision engine aimed to assure performance, compliance and efficiency for public/hybrid or private cloud environments as well as on-prem. Dor has designed and launched the data collection and visualization practice, enhancing global data utilization using Elastic Search. With the ELK stack, data is used to provide insights on a global scale.

When you're a geek and work for tech company, you try to come up with the most creative ways to mix hobbies with work. Being an avid toy(motorcycles and cars) enthusiast, Jake Vernon, Solutions Architect at Elastic, decided to explore the power of the Elastic Stack by visualizing and analyzing sensors from his Harley Davidson in real-time. With little customization, he's able to explore patterns in driving behaviors, motorcycle performance, and road conditions.

Jake Vernon is a Solutions Architect at Elastic. He has a background in Software Engineering and has experience in design, architecture, development, and managerial functions. Using his knowledge from previous ventures, Jake takes pride in meeting and networking with Elastic Stack users to come up with best practice for implementation.