Innovation In A Highly Connected World




Innovation in a Highly Connected World

1 November 2018

New York

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The Information Age has truly arrived.. we are super connected to each other and to devices and we are flooded with data everywhere. All the world’s knowledge is only a few clicks away!!! We have much more educational, financial and industrial support for innovation in history. However, innovation pace is still limited by lack of execution and monetization of ideas. Innovation addresses assimilation and impact of inventions and ideas into changing experiences of users.

Dr Ahuja will address key issues in execution and monetization from his experience in launching 10 ventures from within a big company (Bell Labs/Lucent) as well as in non-corporate environment like Stevens Venture Center. One of the most important enablers for execution is the presence of an eco-system for experimentation. It is well known that diversity of backgrounds and exchange of ideas leads to novel concepts and breakthroughs. Bells Labs offered such an environment but also provided great eco-system for experimentation across broad areas (albeit at great cost). Dr Ahuja will address ideas for mini-eco-systems and enablers for supporting execution of new ideas in a variety of areas, especially around services. In services, many more issues dictate viability and acceptability of services than simply technology. Services also depend on larger infrastructures (roads, Internet, Broadcast networks etc.). Dr Ahuja will address issues of infrastructures as part eco-systems for innovation.