Integration Architecture For The Hybrid And Multi-cloud Enterprise




Integration architecture for the hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise

1 April 2019


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Come along and discover the latest trends and challenges in creating a multi-cloud integration architecture.

This is a tech talk on how integration architecture has evolved from service oriented architecture to take advantage of cloud native technologies and microservices principles to support the hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise.

We will discuss:
- How integration is affected by multi-cloud challenges
- The benefits containerisation can bring to integration
- The fate of the enterprise service bus
- How API management is evolving to manage the challenges of integration across multi-cloud architectures
- The resurgence of interest in messaging and event based communication

17.30: Registration, Food, Drinks and Networking
18.00: Speaker session: Integration architecture for the hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise
18.45: Open Discussion and Q&A on Multi Cloud Integration
19.00: Networking, Drinks and Demos
20.00: Close