Intelligent Automation For BFSI




Intelligent Automation for BFSI

28 - 30 January 2019

New York

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Given the high volume of transactions performed by banks, financial services institutions and insurance companies globally on a daily basis, the BFSI community is not only utilizing intelligent automation, they are one of the leading sectors when it comes to volume and variety of usage.  Nevertheless, there is a wide spectrum of stages in advancement across BFSI organizations and many still haven’t yet begun their IA journey.  To stay competitive in the BFSI space, it’s now more than ever essential to fully understand the optimum uses of IA and the next steps in the technology’s development.

By attending the second annual Intelligent Automation for BFSI conference, you will obtain valuable information to bring back to your organization and help guide you and your team on the right IA path, no matter if your

IA initiatives are at a planning & launching, evolving, or mature stage.