Introduction To Nagios XI




Introduction to Nagios XI

1 May 2019


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Nagios is the first name for monitoring in the open source world. It is the oldest and most well-known open source solution for monitoring Linux, Windows, applications and infrastructure workloads.

Nagios relies on expert partners around the world to deploy services and support companies using their technology. We are their leading UK partner and have worked with Nagios for over 3 years to deploy full monitoring solutions to ensure rapid recovery and maximum infrastructure and services uptime.

Quru has assisted major brands with large-scale Nagios deployments, including Tesco’s, to set up best practice and day-to-day operations in order to gain the most from the software.

In a break away from our traditional format, we are running a series of online web demos around Nagios. The first in this series is an introduction to Nagios XI covering :

Basic installation of Nagios XI server (on Linux system)
Deploying agents – Linux and Windows
Monitoring services
Setting up thresholds and notifications
Custom Dashboards
Role based access control
Pro Tips and best practices