IOS Astronauts




iOS Astronauts

6 February 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

A third meetup is a lucky one 😉

4 amazing speakers to teach you a couple of new tricks in less than 20 minutes (each).


1️⃣Ilya Puchka - Babylon Health 💜
Swift 5 string interpolation

Let’s poke around the new implementation of string interpolation that comes with Swift 5 and see what it allows us to build that was not possible before.

2️⃣Hadrien Mazelier - Starling Bank 💰
Splitting PRs in MVVM projects

A journey into Pull Requests and teamwork, from the specs to the finished feature. We will explore a methodology to easily split a big story into multiple thematic PRs while boosting the ability to spread the load across the team.

3️⃣Roman Dzieciol - IG 📈
Codable tips & tricks

A collection of tips & tricks for using and implementing the Codable protocol, for when we want to achieve maximum result with minimum code.

4️⃣Valerii Chevtaev - Badoo 💘
Server provided iOS app animations