IoT + AI Lightning Talks + Workshop On Smart Wearables




IoT + AI Lightning Talks + Workshop on Smart Wearables

16 January 2019

New York

Added 13-Feb-2023

Lightning Talks to be featured include:

- Courtland Premo on voice controlled drone flying and IoT Birdhouse
- Lakshanika "Nika" Lammeera Shenkeri on Food Science meets Data Science, Phyto Nutrients and eating for optimal health and performance
- Micah Brown on AI and Neurocomputing, Entrepreneurship and Investment and UK style Grime Rap performance

This will be followed by a workshop:

Communicate with Orion Onyx and Watson AI - Smart Wearable Walkie-Talkie, presented by IBM IoT Developer Advocate, John Walicki

This workshop will introduce the Orion Labs Onyx wearable and how to connect it to the IBM Cloud to leverage Watson AI services. Attendees will learn how to program Node-RED flows that use Watson Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Language Translation, Watson Assistant chatbot capabilities, Tone analyzer, Personality Insights and NLU text analytics. The combination of the Onyx and Watson AI are perfect for first responders, call centers and AI enabled team collaboration.