IoT Thames Valley Meetup #25




IoT Thames Valley Meetup #25

8 May 2019


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Andy House, of Conficio Design, will be giving a talk "Making the 'Real' Ironman" about their experience designing the ultimate 'wearable' a 'Rocket' man suit! You can see a video of the suit in action here: YouTube here:

KYMIRA who will be talking about “developing innovative techniques to embed printed electronics into clothing for scalable manufacture and incorporating sensors that can record biodata for monitoring applications. This platform technology is non-invasive, washable, durable and comfortable to wear, and has the real potential to bring about significant change to the healthcare sector.”

TBAT Innovation - come and meet Matt Symonds to find out what R&D funding is available to UK businesses for IoT projects; including Grant Funding and R&D Tax Credits.

Our Exhibitors include:

Marks & Clerk - specialise in the drafting and prosecution of patents in the fields of computer-implemented and software-related inventions, particularly in the consumer electronics sector.

Review Display Systems - Enabling technological solutions for a wide range of applications including IoT, medical, process/machine control, home automation, digital signage.

RF Channel will be exhibiting and showcase various radio module demo including LORA, BLE, NBIOT, UWB, GNNS with various type of antenna technology, gas sensor, temp & humidity sensor.

Valbrio will be exhibiting their range of static analysis and application security tools for software developers working in IoT, including CodeSonar, Juliasoft and CodeD.

6.00 - 6.45 Drinks & Pizza Reception, Networking and meet the exhibitors
6.45 Welcome - Duncan Purves
6.50 "Making the 'Real' Ironman" Andy House, Managing Director, Conficio Product Design
7.05 "Are you prepared for R&D funding?" Matt Symonds, Managing Director, TBAT Innovation
7.20 “The wearables of tomorrow, today” Toju Raine, Special Projects Lead KYMIRA
7.35 "Vodafone NB-IoT Rollout" John Tuersley, Global Open Labs Manager, Vodafone Group Technology'
7.50 "Innovate UK opportunities and news" Robin Kennedy, KTN
7.55 'Open to the Floor'
8.00 - 9.30 Networking and meet the exhibitors

- Alpha Micro Components
- Marks & Clerk LLP
- Review Display Systems
- TBAT Innovation
- Valbrio