IoT Thames Valley Meetup #28




IoT Thames Valley Meetup #28

13 November 2019


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Professor Richard Lanyon-Hogg will be giving a talk: “Internet of Trees” and will open up a discussion on the “Sustainability of IoT”.
Richard believes that the sustainability of IoT is a concern that needs addressing. As they rolled out the Internet of Trees pilot with the support of the Forestry Commission Research Council, Small Woods Assoc and Wildlife Trust, they couldn’t escape the issue that e-waste is an enormous problem; and as pervasive computing becomes ever more ubiquitous how can the industry become more sustainable in its use of materials, how can it be encouraged to design for disassembly and how can we stop discarding and exporting our waste to third world countries and start Reshoring Our Rubbish.
IoT holds out great promise to tackle many of the challenges across society, for example in the health care sector and social services; but surely the industry has a duty of care to avoid IoT becoming another Plastics catastrophe?

Youssef Chami, Networks Strategy- Senior Manager, Vodafone will be giving a talk about 5G:
NB-IoT offers unprecedented protection, performance and coverage in its first release when compared to other IoT technologies, but also provides scope for extensive enhancements in a subsequent 4G Evo and 5G releases over the coming years. An overview of the first sets of new features will be given, covering both enhancements of the initial features and the introduction of new capabilities to bring the benefits of 5G to an ever-wider ecosystem including Industrial & Educations IoT.

Rob Spurrett, CEO, Lacuna Space will be giving a talk: "Solving the Connectivity Challenge”.
Lacuna Space’s mission is to bring LoRaWAN connectivity to every part of the globe, at very low cost using miniature satellites and battery-powered sensors communicating direct to satellites in low earth orbit. With one demonstration satellite already in orbit and three more to be launched in the coming months, this dream getting close to being realised and at surprisingly low costs.

6.00 - 6.45 Drinks & Pizza Reception, Networking and meet the exhibitors
6.45 Welcome - Duncan Purves
6.50 "Title of Talk TBC" Ericsson
7.10 "Title of Talk TBC", Youssef Chami, Vodafone UK
7.25 TBC
7.40 'Showcase Talks'
- "IoT Market Insights" Alice Grant and Alexander Hood, Computer Futures
- "Solving the Connectivity Challenge" Rob Spurrett, CEO, Lacuna Space
7.55 - "Internet of Trees and Sustainability of IoT", Professor Richard Lanyon-Hogg, University of Sheffield
8.05 'Open to the Floor'
8.10 - 9.30 Networking and meet the exhibitors