Is Apache Kafka And IBM Event Streams




Is Apache Kafka and IBM Event Streams

3 April 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

The amount of data the world produces is growing exponentially every year and many companies are realizing the potential of harnessing this data. A lot of this is generated in the form of a never ending stream of events, with publishers creating the events and subscribers consuming them in many different ways.

This is where Apache Kafka comes in; Kafka isn't just a messaging system - it's an event streaming platform which is becoming the de-facto technology for any event streaming application. IBM Event Streams is a fully supported Apache Kafka with value add capabilities.

This session will cover the fundamental concepts used in Apache Kafka and introduce the additional capabilities that make IBM Event Streams a great choice for any customer looking to introduce event-streaming into their architecture.


- 6:30-7pm - Doors Open for Networking & Food
- 7-8pm - Presentation
- 8-830pm - Q&A + Networking
- 830pm - Venue closes