Items For Your Toolbox + Free Pizza!




Items for Your Toolbox + Free Pizza!

5 December 2019


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Jim is an Agile Coach and Scrum Master with a passion for product delivery and software development.

He has used his skills and enthusiasm to help drive the Agile transformation of a multinational finance company, where he was pivotal in introducing Professional Scrum. During this time, he coached and trained at all levels of the organization and also established a community of over 40 Scrum Masters spanning a breadth of products. He firmly establishes a link between Scrum, Agile and the delivery of Business Value with the teams he works with.

Jim started his career as a Developer, and later worked in various leadership positions. He has been a finalist for the Paragon “Leader of the Year” award. He currently offers training, coaching and consultancy services both publicly and privately within companies

About Abi:
A few months ago I created the NorwichAgile group in a bid to improve my Agile knowledge and skills. I have worked in an Agile environment for just over a year now and am currently working as a Scrum Master.

About your Evening:
Prepare yourself to be fully immersed into a world of games and workshops that you can take back to your teams! This is all about having fun while taking away some really good skills at the same time.

You will pleased to know that this event is being sponsored by Entura (see below for more) and at half time we will be having Pizzas!