It's Not About The Game… It’s About Learning.




It's Not About the Game… It’s About Learning.

15 May 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Playing games and using dynamic exercises has become common with Agile, much to our benefit as they empower learning through experience. When we follow with a debrief, we help our participants explore their experiences to generate greater depth and insight.

Unfortunately, debriefing is a skill rarely focused on or taught. It is often neglected resulting in a practice that is fairly lackluster or worse, to essentially telling the participants “this is what you should have learned”, all but destroying the value of the experience in the first place.

All is not lost! We at #play14 are here to help. Being a community that is oriented around experiential learning we felt the need to improve our ability to debrief so we designed a tool and some practices to achieve exactly that.

At this Meetup, we’d like to share the result with you: The Debriefing Cube.

Agenda for the evening:

● 18:30 - Arrival
● 19:00 - Debriefing Cube experiential learning
● 20:00ish - Food and networking
● 20:45 - Departure