JavaScript 101 Workshop




JavaScript 101 Workshop

4 July 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Take the first steps on your Road to Code, and get a feeling for what Fullstack Academy is all about. This 3-hour class is for the pure beginner who wants an introduction to writing JavaScript - perhaps for the very first time! There is no pre-work required.

Every journey has a first step. And that’s what you’ll be doing by taking this workshop. You’ll spend a few hours on our campus, getting a feeling for the Fullstack “vibe” and starting to learn the basics of JavaScript.

Workshop Agenda:

1. Welcome from the instructors

2. Automate your life with code: Learn what “code” really is, how it works, and how you can apply it to your everyday life.

3. Learn Google Apps Script: You’ll hit the ground running by using Google’s awesome JavaScript platform.

4. Build a cool project: You’ll pull together what you’ve just learned to build your first app. You'll write many scripts, for example, one that will scan your email contacts' information and send them a message when it's their birthday.

5. Next steps on your Road to Code