Javascript Frameworks: To Be Or Not To Be




Javascript Frameworks: To Be Or Not To Be

4 June 2019

New York

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Javascript frameworks are awesome. As engineers, they can make our lives so much easier. But depending on the product or application, using a framework may add more bloat to your bundle than you're comfortable with.

This month's Meetup will focus on when, where, and why to use (or not use) a framework to build out your application. Our internal Forbes engineers will discuss our current project of migrating off of frameworks and onto an internal VanillaJS implementation of our products. We'll also open up the mic to external speakers who will evangelize their favorite frameworks and why they decided to use them.


Stephen Fluin
Google Developer Advocate, Angular

Stephen will be talking about all things Angular, where the framework is now, and especially where it's going.

Daniel Zen
CIO, Zen Digital

Daniel's talk will focus on the Ionic Framework, specifically the new direction that Ionic 4 has taken by opening it up to all the various JavaScript frameworks by utilizing re-usable WebComponents.

Aaron Labiaga
Google Developer Advocate, AMP

Aaron will be talking specifically about AMP HTML and the growth of the AMP platform over the past couple of years.

Alexander Shnayderman
Software Architect, Forbes

Alex will be talking about our internal "framework" at Forbes, which we call Simple Site, and how it's used to serve most of our editorial content.