JBUG Scotland: Always On




JBUG Scotland: Always on

1 March 2018


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Always on, mostly connected, always integrated in the API economy 

For most businesses, technology is becoming a major factor in them remaining competitive and being disruptive in the future. To stay ahead, businesses are looking to bring new applications/features to market much quicker and at a lower cost than they have done in the past. Many are looking to SaaS applications, Mobile applications, IOT applications, hybrid cloud applications, and exposing their business services as API’s for both internal and external consumption. 

All of these initiatives require integration! 

Remaining competitive needs a modern application development and deployment platform. Many businesses are turning to a microservice based architecture to increase their agility and to a container based platform to increase their deployment automation and resilience. It makes sense for any modern integration platform to support and employ these same architectural principles. 

In the session, we will explore how Red Hat’s Agile Integration architecture and its 3 key tenets :- 

• Distributed Integration 
• Containers 
• API Management 

This can help businesses to realise an API focused, always on, always integrated microservice platform that will support their requirements to stay competitive and disruptive both now and into the future. 

The session will include a demonstration of the Red Hat Agile Integration Architecture using Red Hat 3Scale API Management, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Integration Services, and Red Hat OpenShift.