Jenkins: Integrating UX With DevOps And Mobile Web Testing




Jenkins: Integrating UX with DevOps and Mobile Web Testing

3 December 2019


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6:30 - Door open, networking & drinks
7:00 - Talk 1: Integrating UX with DevOps

Iwona Winiarska, Agile Delivery Manager at Automation Logic

Identifying your users and user needs is crucial for any product or solution development. It’s particularly important for DevOps teams to understand what value they’re trying to deliver and how it’s going to meet their user needs.
This talk delves into a concept of User Experience (UX) and how it can be applied within the DevOps environment. You’ll also learn a few useful techniques that will help you focus on your users (or customers) when delivering innovative DevOps solutions.

Speaker bio: Iwona is an Agile Delivery Manager at Automation Logic working on Agile and DevOps transformation programmes in the public and private sectors.
Currently, she helps the teams and organisations find better ways of working and create transformative change by using a variety of Agile, Lean and DevOps principles and techniques. While working at Government Digital Service (Cabinet Office), Iwona has supported cross-government digital transformation and the Agile Delivery Community of Practice.
She is a regular speaker at Agile and DevOps meetups and conferences, trainer, facilitator, and coach.

7:30 - Break
7.45 - Talk 2: Pipe dream or reality? Mobile web testing in your CI/CD pipeline.

Laszlo Simity, Technical Services Manager at Sauce Labs

Web traffic generated from mobile devices continues to climb well above 50% and organisations are increasingly adopting 'mobile first' development strategies. But in quality, we are constantly bombarded with different options to make sure our web applications operate in the myriad different environments out there. Browser emulation? Mobile emulators or simulators? Real Devices?

In this talk, we will explore how to achieve high environmental coverage in minimal time, and discuss best practices on integrating mobile testing as part of our CI/CD pipeline.

Speaker bio: Laszlo Simity is a Technical Services Manager at Sauce Labs, where he works with prospective, new and existing customers to adapt their Selenium and Appium test frameworks to enhance their parallel and cross browser testing capabilities.