Journey From Data To Dashboard To Decisions




Journey from Data to Dashboard to Decisions

17 January 2019

New York

Added 13-Feb-2023

Dr. Evren Ozkaya of Supply Chain Wizard will present the story of Digital Supply Chain Transformation. Story will cover enabling data driven insights & decision making in the supply chain with the 3D Transformation Framework – Data, Dashboard and Decision – with digital applications that use large amounts of data, together with the use of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Story will be a collection of case studies from early adaptor companies, specifically focusing on Digital Supply Chain and Digital Factory fields in Life Sciences.

Dr. Ozkaya has first-hand experience in developing digital solutions and data-driven supply chain transformations in various industries with small and large clients. With recent experiences & case examples from Global Pharmaceutical Industry, Dr. Ozkaya will illustrate how to develop digital capabilities and how to apply these capabilities to achieve quick wins, such as operational efficiency gains in factories and warehouses, supply chain visibility and effective collaboration with trading partners, and deeper patient / consumer engagement, while laying the foundation for a long term digital transformation.