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27 February 2018


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18:00 - Door open and pizza (and beer) is served

19:00 - WebAssembly and the future of JavaScript - Colin Eberhardt

For more than 20 years JavaScript has been the only 'native' language of the web. That's all changed with the release of WebAssembly. This talk will look at what WebAssembly is, why it matters and crucially what it means for JavaScript and the future of web development. JavaScript brought interactivity to the web more than 20 years ago, and despite numerous challengers, it is still the only language supported by browser. However, as those 20 years have passed we've moved from adding a little interactivity to largely static sites, to creating complex JavaScript-heavy single page applications. Throughout this journey, the way we use JavaScript itself has also changed. Gone are the days of writing simple code snippets that are run directly in the browser. Nowadays we transpile, minify, tree-shake and more, treating the JavaScript virtual machine as a compilation target.

The problem is, JavaScript isn't a very good compilation target, because it simply wasn't designed to be one.

Born out of asm.js, a somewhat crazy concept dreamt up by Mozilla, WebAssembly was designed from the ground-up as an efficient compilation target for the web. It promises smaller payloads, rapid parsing and validation and consistent performance ... and it's ready to use, right now!

This talk will look at what's wrong with the way we are using JavaScript today and why we need WebAssembly. It will delve into the internals, giving a quick tour of the WebAssembly instruction set, memory and security model, before moving on to the more practical aspects of using it with Rust, C++ and JavaScript. Finally we'll do some crystal-ball gazing and see what the future of this rapidly evolving technology might hold.

19:45 - SSR with Next.js - ANDRICO KAROULLA

How to set up Next.js project and make the most of some of its great out-of-the-box features including; server-side rendering, ahead-of-time-download and automatic code splitting Using Server-Side Rendering to make your web applications feel like a native application. I’ll discuss the benefits of SSR as well as some of the drawbacks and how to overcome them.

20:15 - Express apps on AWS Lambda - Marian Rusnak

You might have heard about AWS Lambda and trending serverless architecture. It offers you to pay only for the time your code runs and you don’t need to manage servers. But how is it really to run Node.js applications on Lambda? Does it affect the way we used to build apps using Express framework?

In this talk, Marian will give an overview of a year-long experience with running Node.js applications on Lambda using popular Express framework. He will mention what are the real benefits as well as important limitations of Lambda and other AWS components. Come and learn what decisions led to successful projects and what obstacles were crossed along the way.

20:40 - a visit to the local pub

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