July JavaScript Meetup




July JavaScript Meetup

10 July 2019

New York

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Title: Using React to build WordPress content Blocks (Gutenberg).

Speaker: Michael Posso
Michael is a front-end engineer specialized in developing global, accessible and performant websites sites for large corporations using open source content management systems. As an early adopter of Virtual Reality, Michael began experimenting with WebVR in early 2016 creating accessible immersive experiences for the open web. His commitment to education and the community drove him to create the Latino Web Developers Meetup and teach web development at City University of New York.

Abstract: WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web, powering almost 30% of all websites. For the past two years, WP has been going through a phase of modernization. One of the most notable is the react based front-end editor labeled "Gutenberg". Gutenberg is now part of WP 5.0 and it enables javascript developers to create advanced content plugs using modern front-end development tools. This talk will give you an introduction to how Gutenberg works, and how you can start creating Gutenberg blocks for your WP website using React.

Speaker: Nir Kaufman
Community enthusiast. Meetup organizer, Founder of the 'Frontend band,' Author of Tech books, Web Technologies GDE, Principal Frontend consultant at 500Tech. Vegan but nice.

Abstract: The Year of the Cat. In this session, we will explore NestJS - a progressive Node.js framework that introduces a new structured way to build scalable applications.We will walk through the features that make Nest a unique framework in the NodeJS eco-system.


Speaker: Jefrey Bulla
Product manager and software developer focused on building tech that improves users’ privacy and security. He recently launched Predicto - a dApp built on top of Blockstack.

Abstract: Jeffrey will walk you through Predicto and how he utilized Blockstack RESTFUL API to build this web app. In this talk, he will also discuss how this library handles everything from identity and authentication to data storage.