Kent Digital Meetup




Kent Digital Meetup

22 January 2019


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Simon Wakeman - Deeson, will talk about 'Why most Digital transformation projects fail, and how yours can be different'.

'Digital transformation projects are all about transforming the way a business delivers for its customers and staff - they can affect just about every part of a business including marketing, sales, customer service, logistics, HR and finance. They often involve launching new digital services, websites, CRMs or moving away from legacy systems that are no longer fit for purpose.But we believe that too many digital transformation projects don't deliver the benefits they should'.

Rob Bridgens - Reflect Digital, will talk about 'Don't fear the click cost - How to drive targeted business growth with PPC'.

'Advertising and management budgets for Paid Search campaigns can be intimidating for businesses that have not used this marketing channel before. However, it's important to look past the upfront cost and see how PPC can be used to target specific areas of your business to catalyse growth and generate a strong ROI'.