Kotlin Meetup




Kotlin Meetup

7 November 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

The next NYC Kotlin Meetup will be happening on Wednesday November 7th, 2018 at the AlphaSights office - 350 Madison Ave, floor 12.


KotlinConf 2018 Recap - Brent Watson

We'll do a quick recap of some of the announcements and content from KotlinConf 2018.

NYC Subway Sign with Kotlin and Raspberry Pi - Javier Moreno Aleman & Tammy Tyberg

A few months ago we were looking through a gift guide and saw one of those nice-looking, real-time Subway signs that you put on a coffee table or a bookshelf. We decided to get one, then saw the price (+$300) and thought, "Wait a minute, we're pretty sure we can just build this for less money." So after grabbing one of the many Raspberry Pis lying around the office, and with Kotlin as the weapon of choice, we embarked on a new project: Your own personal subway sign for (way) under $300.

Building Backend Microservices in Kotlin - Ryan Cooke

Ryan will describe how Kotlin has gone from a hackathon experiment to the language of choice for backend service development at N26. He will present thoughtful strategies on how to build adoption based on learnings from false-starts introducing other languages to the stack. And with a bottoms-up approach, Kotlin eventually advanced into his firm's Android applications. N26 is now an active member in the Kotlin community in Europe and is focused on applying emerging features such as coroutines to their event driven systems.

Location: Thank you to AlphaSights for hosting and providing food and drinks. When you arrive someone will be at the entrance checking ids and directing you where to go.

Speaker Bios:

Javier Moreno Aleman is a Senior Developer at Small Planet. His areas of expertise are game development, Android and Unity. Javier has a BS. in Computer Science from Havana University, Cuba, and has over 7 years of experience developing games and apps.

Tammy Tyberg is a Developer at Small Planet and has worked on a range of Android projects from media and health to data aggregation. Tammy is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Mercy College and has extensive experience collecting programming memes.

Ryan Cooke is Head of Technology - US for N26 in New York. In this role, he oversees the technology team responsible for developing the N26 mobile banking app for US consumers. Ryan has over a decade of experience working with high-performing engineering teams in start-up companies and has managed every aspect of developing modern distributed cloud-based architectures.